Frequently asked questions

Nope! Everything is ordered from our website and we prepare your fresh meals in a Grade A Commercial Kitchen. We also hold a Processed Foods Registration with the California Department of Public Health, ensuring the quality and safety of your meals.

We are not a “Subscription” service. Simply order your healthy meals before our cutoff time at noon on Fridays. Select “Free Pick Up” or “Delivery”.  After we prepare your order it’s available for free pick up at Nutrishop Norco on Sundays between 12-5pm. All deliveries in Corona, Norco, Eastvale and Chino/Chino Hills will be delivered on Sundays. All other deliveries will be delivered on Mondays including Nutrishop Murrieta.

We offer 2 different kinds of meals to meet your dietary needs. We have Standard Macro Balanced meals, as well as Veggie Only meals. Standard meals are Macro Balanced with protein, fat and carbs. Veggies Only we remove all starches and add more veggies.

Our Standard meals start at $10 each. Seafood meals start at $12 each. For double portions of protein there’s an upcharge of $3.49

Regular meals have our base amount of protein, and Double Protein meals are 100% more protein. Example: Regular Tuscan Chicken you receive 1 chicken breast, Double Protein is 2 chicken breasts.

We change our menu every week, rotating through 10 different menus. 80 recipes total!

All of our food is transported in our very own refrigerated van. We deliver on Sundays to Corona, Norco, Eastvale and Chino/Chino Hills. Mondays we deliver to other cities within a 25 mile radius from our kitchen. Delivery times vary every week, but if you need an approximate delivery window, email us on Friday evening or Saturday.

During the checkout process, you’ll have the option to select a delivery bag with ice packs for your delivery for $5. Ongoing, if you leave the empty bag on your porch for our driver to pick up on your next delivery day, $5 credit will be applied back onto your account for each bag returned. Ice packs can be discarded or kept for your personal use.

If you try to order and your zip code doesn’t work, please email us. Your zip code may not be in our database and we simply need to add it.

At our company, we believe in making your journey towards healthy eating as effortless as possible. That’s why we have created a unique and seamless online portal that takes care of everything for you. Unlike other services, we are not a subscription-based model, ensuring that you are never charged for meals you don’t need. Our dishes are not only delectable but also crafted with the utmost care. Each bite is a testament to our commitment to using high-quality ingredients, paired with unpretentious recipes!

We have free pick up for all customers at Nutrishop (Norco CA) on Sunday’s anytime between 12-5pm. If you can’t make it you can send someone else to pick up your order, or you can pick it up any time during their business hours on Monday. We also have free pick up at Nutrishop Murrieta on Mondays and text our customers once they have arrived.

If for any reason there is something wrong with your order, please let us know and we will make it right by a refund, exchange or store credit.

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