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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Ordering Work?

We accept orders until Friday, 11:59pm. After the week closes, your meals are prepared fresh on Sunday, and meals are available for pick up and delivery on Monday.

What kind of meals do you offer?

We offer 3 different kind of meals to meet your dietary needs. We have Standard, Keto, and Low Carb. Standard meals are Macro Balanced with protein, fat and carbs. Low carb, we remove all starches and add more veggies. Keto, we remove all starches, add veggies, and add some more fat from olive oil.

What is the cost of your meals?

Our Standard meals start at $8 each. For bigger portions, Keto or Low Carb, there's a slight upcharge. Chef Specials as well as Salmon are $10.

What is the difference between Standard, Maintain and Bulk portions?

Standard meals have our base amount of protein. Maintain meals have 50% more protein, and Bulk meals are 100% more protein.

How does delivery work?

We deliver on Mondays within a 25 mile radius from our kitchen for $10-$15, depending on the radius. Delivery times vary every week. Customers are notified a delivery window on Sunday afternoon for Mondays delivery.

Do you ship outside of your delivery radius?

If you try to order and your zip code doesn't work, please email us. We may be able to deliver.

What makes you different than other meal prep services?

We strive to offer restaurant quality meals at an affordable price. We feel once you tried us, you'll love the taste, variety, and convenience of our meals.

How does free pick up work?

We have free pick up for all customers at Nutrishop (Norco CA) as well as SoCal Supps (MainPlace Mall Santa Ana). We also have free pick up for for members of Crossfit Pandemic and Gym Rats for MEMBERS ONLY to be picked up at those facilities.